Thermal cleaning of regenerators and support for repair

We perform the thermal removal of deposits which accumulate in the regenerator stack throughout the furnace operation.

The service is carried out with our own equipment and a specialized team, guaranteeing the preservation of the parts of the regenerator sensitive to the high temperatures necessary for the fusion of the materials deposited.

As a result, there is an increase in the efficiency of the regenerators, towards the design values.

In cases of high level of obstruction, in which it becomes more advantageous the reform and replacement of parts, we carry out the monitored conservation of temperature, making possible the hot repair.

Maintenance of regenerators

We offer thermal supply, according to the demand:

  • Thermal cleaning
  • Monitored hot-hold during repair


We performed the thermal cleaning of regenerators at a float glass plant:

  • 19.2 m² Jumbo Mirror production unit
  • Furnace with capacity of 70,000 tons per year
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