Thermal uniformity and production gains

We offer the drying and heating of refractory for starting or resuming the operation of the most diverse types of reheating furnaces. The thermal cycling perfomed with our personnel and equipment reaches precision and high level of temperature uniformity among the Preheating Zone, the Heating Zone and the Soaking Zone, for maximum performance and durability of refractories.

For cooling operations, we have high pressure and flow fans, which quickly overcome the large amounts of heat stored throughout the furnace and in the large thicknesses of the refractory layers. When already close to room temperature, our Mobile Units for Thermal Comfort, MUTCs, proceed with the removal of heat and act in a directed manner promoting the performance of the teams that work in thermally hostile environments. An increase in uptime is thus achieved.

To meet the demands of hot repairs, we offer the Jetwelding® ceramic welding service, the type of maintenance with the longest service life for refractories. Offering time savings over bricks replacement, ceramic welding allows stop planning and anticipation of possible emergency situations. As a result, the repair time is reduced, avoiding the production breakdown.

Solutions for rolling

We have extensive experience in Thermal Engineering applied to the most diverse types of reheating furnaces:

  • Intermitent
  • Pusher
  • Walking beam
  • Walking hearth
  • Continuous recirculating bogie
  • Rotary hearth


  • We performed thermal comfort services at a Rolling Hot Strip area with capacity of 4 million tons of hot rolled coils per year, passing to the modality of contract given the success of the operations.
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