We offer solutions in Thermal Engineering for the glass industry since our foundation, in the year 2000. Our technical staff has about 40 years of experience in the area, with a performance dating back to Lindberg companies - which introduced convective heating in South America - and Brasimet. Our experience qualifies us to perform with control and accuracy the design, planning and execution of thermal services supporting the furnace stoppage.

We have burners specially developed to conduct with control and safety the cooling between the operating condition and the ambient temperature. Refined to carry out refined variations in temperature, up to 1°C/h, our equipment allows us to accurately perform the expected thermal cycles.

Focusing on the maximum performance and durability of refractories, we perform all activities related to contraction control.

Throughout our activity, we have developed our own equipment and accumulated a voluminous history in the safe operation of monitored draining of glass furnaces, in all its stages.

Complete support to stop

We have our own equipment and experienced technical staff for controlled cooling, contraction control and all stages of draining:

  • Drain hole design and execution
  • Supply and assembly of refractory drain, chute and granulator
  • Supply and assembly of shutters for flow control of draining, drill and stand with water cooling system for its protection and process safety
  • Monitoring the flow of glass grains through the chute
  • Monitoring the accumulation of glass grains in the collection tank
  • Provision of water recycling system


We performed the services of controlled cooling, draining and contraction control at a float glass plant:

  • 19.2 m² Jumbo Mirror production unit
  • Furnace with capacity of 70,000 tons per year
Vidro | Drenagem e controle de contração
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