Control and uniformity at starting-up

We started our activities in coke plants with the drying and heating for starting up the ovens. At first, they were small-scale operations. This scenario changed since 2006, and today we count the drying and heating of more than 1,000 ovens, by-product and heat-recovery. We thus consolidated ourselves as the most experienced company in Brazil for the thermal input to the start-up of coking plants, with emphasis on the uniformity of temperatures and consequent softness of expansion provided.

In the same year of 2006, we established a technological partnership with Glass Service, which is based in the Czech Republic. Since then, we have been licensed to use its computational fluid dynamics software, CFD, with which, in our technology division, Æstus, we conduct studies of heat distribution and expansion levels of coke ovens, simulating the heating conditions.


For full control over drying, heating and expansion, we work with comprehensive monitoring. In a heat-recovery battery of 40 furnaces, for example, while monitoring 128 thermocouples, we delivered a profile of high thermal uniformity and, in a by-product battery of 55 ovens monitored with 742 thermocouples, we smoothly attended to the designer's specification, obtaining a 5.7° C difference between adjacent furnaces against a tolerance of 35.0°C at temperatures above 650°C.

Refractory maintenance

We have specialists and operational teams for a complete package of refractory maintenance solutions in coking plants:

Article: "Refractory Maintenance of Coke Oven Batteries" || 46th Reduction Seminar, ABM


We performed the drying and initial heating of the largest coking plants in Brazil:

  • Heat-recovery coke plant with a capacity of 1.55 million tons of coke per year and 198 MW: 320 ovens, 90 burners simultaneously 24/7
  • Heat-recovery coke plant with a capacity of 1.8 million tons of coke per year and 490 MW: 432 ovens, 160 burners simultaneously 24/7
  • By-product coke plant with a capacity of 22 million tons of coke per year: 135 ovens, 62 burners simultaneously 24/7
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