Drying of the refractory lining

We have extensive experience in the execution of activities in the main cement plants in South America. Applying technology and knowledge, we successfully executed the drying of the largest silo in Latin America, as well as of the largest mass of shotcreted refractory in the world.

For excellence in our services delivery, we have developed innovative and tailor-made solutions with high-speed burners that transfer heat through forced convection. The characteristics of our system allow us to accurately follow the programmed heating cycle and provide heat in a much more uniform way than with conventional systems. The result is the removal of moisture in a gradual and safe manner, with consequent preservation of the integrity of the refractory.

The portability of our burners allows them to be distributed through the various vessels of the unit, enabling virtually any desired thermal uniformity and agility in the heating operations.

We also offer the services of hot gas generation for the production of flour, drying, cooling, thermal comfort, dedusting and hot-hold of heads, coolers, discharge nozzles, process burners body, cyclone tower, calciners, smoke boxes, silos, among others.


  • Initial heating of the largest cement plant in Brazil, with a capacity of 3.6 million tons per year
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