Supervisory system

Fulfilling our mission to provide sustainable solutions for high-performance and innovative products and services in Thermal Engineering, we provide the cement industry a tool for the optimization of production and thermal efficiency of calciners.

The solution, developed by the partner company Glass Service, consists of the supervisory system Expert System ES IIITM, which applies a predictive control model to stabilize the operation according to the predefined values of a set of key variables.


  • Operation stabilization
  • Control of free lime content in clinker
  • Required total heat level with minimal costs, for fuel mix
  • Fast response in case of addition of new fuel current
  • Full control of operation without intervention


Optimization at cement plant in Slovakia  :

  • ⌀ 5,5 m and 180 m length calciner
  • Burner with possibility of injection of up to 9 types of fuel

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